April 8th, 2007 – This Day In History


1986 : Clint Eastwood Elected Mayor

Actor Clint Eastwood is elected mayor of Carmel, California. The legendary actor served until 1988.

Eastwood made one successful foray into elected politics, becoming the Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea (Carmel), California (population 4000), a wealthy small town and artist community on the Monterey Peninsula, for one term.

Frustrated with what he perceived to be the bureaucracy in Carmel’s politics, he ran a last-minute, small scale campaign emphasizing better relations between the residential and business communities.

On election day, April 8, 1986, with double the voter turnout, Eastwood garnered 72.5% of the vote and was elected to a position that paid $200 per month. During his tenure he tried to balance the rights of preservationists and develop the town for local business. Eastwood decided not to run for a second term due to the number of small scale decisions required of the mayor in such a small town. During his tenure he completed Heartbreak Ridge and Bird.

On a lighter note, as mayor he repealed a municipal law that forbade anyone from eating ice cream on the sidewalk.


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